Outsourcing Perspectives—Social Media

Monkey Logo FinalHave you ever wondered how a social media consultant manages his or her day? How many clients can they handle? How do they get stuff done so fast when it would take me HOURS to do one ‘simple’ task?

As part of my Adventures in Outsourcing blog series, I’m adding stories from an outsourced expert’s point of view, called Outsourcing Perspectives. First on my list is Mich Hancock of 100th Monkey Media. I hired her in January 2016 to help manage my social media activity. Since that time, here is a summary of the greatness gained from hiring Mich.

•    Twitter posts have increased from <100 tweets to 1713 as of July 31, 2016.
•    Followers have increased from 212 to 442.
•    She helped me build my Facebook group, Grandparents in Business, with nearly 30 followers.
•    Grandparents in Business gets 10+ daily viewers.
•    Kris the Scribbler’s Facebook page views have increase from <10 views per post to nearly 100!
•    Increased likes, comments, shares, and interaction from all platforms.
•    I’m learning more through working with Mich than from DIY!
•    Hours saved: easily 2 hours/day: since I didn’t understand social media, I would have read articles, observed others’ habits, looked for easy patterns and trends, practiced, posted, messed up, gotten frustrated, and probably cussed a little. And let’s not forget social media distraction! With Mich’s continued support and combined help from my virtual assistant, my involvement time is now ~5 hours/month.
•    The cost: $195/month

Now, for the other side of the partnership. Here are Mich’s answers to those burning questions:

michHow do you help business owners?

We create a dynamic social media presence for their business, as well as manage the pages for them; keep conversations flowing with their audience, addressing concerns and alerting clients to any activity that may require their attention. Our goal is to make it appear as if you have a social media team on staff.

What is the common complaint/pain you address when they reach out to you?

We help businesses that feel lost in social media world, they feel they’ve missed the boat and are being left behind. We can get them up and running quickly. Also, those that simply do not have the time to keep up with daily posting, management and the myriad of social media changes and updated.

How do you initiate a working relationship with your new clients?

We meet and discuss their goals, how to align social media with those goals and how they are most comfortable with sending information to us, whether it be via text, email or through social media channels. We are their megaphone, so whatever information they wish to make sure to get out there, we help them get it out there. Plus, we get to know them, their business, their culture and their voice so we can truly represent them on social media.

What’s a typical day like for you?

For my staff, they are posting, writing blogs, watching the pages, creating and curating content. I meet with clients and potential clients, market 100th Monkey Media and am the face of the company. I also look at our client’s overall social media existence and offer ideas on ways to make them shine. All of us keep up on trends and create content that keeps our clients socially relevant and a part of the conversations going on online.

How many clients can you handle?

We are constantly growing. In fact, we are right now looking for someone who can write, create posts and understand how to use the social media tools.

How do you handle your own sick days or vacation days?

Our staff is awesome, we all pitch in when someone needs to take a day or days off, whether that be due to sickness or vacation.

What tips do you have for business owners seeking your services?

Email us at monkey@100thmm.com or call us at 636-789-1776.

What are some of the obstacles you encounter when working with your clients?

Mainly, expectations. Social media, for whatever reason, has a reputation for creating overnight success. This is far and few between, but gets amazing coverage when it happens. In reality, it takes time, and it is an investment. It takes consistency in posting and engagement, over and over again, in order to get noticed on line.

Anything else? Any interesting tidbit you’d like to include?

We love what we do! We are exactly what any business needs in order to start their social media journey or bring it up to the next level. We have many happy clients that have been with us for a long time – evidence that we really do well for those we serve.

Thanks to Mich and her excellent team, I am enjoying the growth and interaction from improved social media activities.

What are your outsourcing experiences? Comment below and share this with others who are ready to step into their own outsourcing adventure!

Kristen Edens
Kris the Scribbler
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Social Media vs. Email: Which Content Plan Works Best for You?

Online Mkg by Stuart Miles of freedigitalphotos.netThis topic comes to you courtesy of MediaPost.com and their recent article entitled, Hoping for Social: Depending on Email and based on the 2015 Marketing Trends infographic at Strongview.com. The article opens by saying “Social media is the second most popular marketing tactic…” Though the article is based on research of companies with at least 100 employees, my question is how do small businesses and entrepreneurs factor in social media and email into their marketing efforts?

According to the article, for the companies with all those great employees, their biggest obstacles related to social media success are:

  • employee skills
  • measuring effectiveness
  • creating a strategy

As small business owners, we’re often a one-man-band handling these same issues on our own.

The set-up: Most of us have the standard social media plan: LinkedIn, Facebook business page and Twitter. Those who are really savvy probably have a YouTube account, Google+ and Pinterest, but how effective are these for you? Which are you actively involved in? Which platform best reaches out to your target audience?

And how does this compare to your email marketing activities?

Of all the methods just mentioned, email is the oldest form of online communication—but not by much. We are all capable of sending and receiving emails that we now prefer email contact over cold calling or follow-up phone calls. Just as with the larger companies, email marketing is an easy way to keep up with customers and connections. Social media is quickly growing to be the top outreach method, but we just aren’t comfortable with it yet.

It’s all about comfort: For me, blogging and emailing are my two main activities for keeping in touch. It could be because I’m a writer and I’m very comfortable writing. The important thing to remember is to go where your ideal audience is and to do what makes you comfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone takes time, but it will come if it’s important to you, your audience and your business.

And ease: My social media activities are focused on LinkedIn. Why? Because—for me—it’s an easy and immediate way to connect with people I meet through local networking groups and national organizations. From there, I extend those relationships by joining LinkedIn groups that complement my specific audiences. It takes time, but this activity has created business for me. The other platforms (and yes, I have accounts in all those mentioned above), are slowly working their way into my monthly agenda. However, it’s a matter of comfort, familiarity, and scheduling that keeps me focused on what works. But remember: what works for me, may not work for you—and that’s okay!

As small business owners, what are your social media and email preferences? Which marketing tactic is your strength? Why? What plans do you have for branching out in 2015? Please leave your comments and ideas in the section below. I’d like to write a follow-up to MediaPost’s article, but from the point of view of small, one-man-band business owners.

And if you’re considering LinkedIn for your 2015 marketing plan and would like to update or improve your profile, I’m offering $50 off profile writing services (regularly $325).

Happy writing—and reaching out!
Kris the Scribbler

photo credit: Stuart Miles of freedigitalphotos.net