Headline Headaches and How to Avoid Them

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Headlines are one of many stumbling blocks when it comes to writing for our business. How many of us have stared at the blank page just trying to come up with a potential headline that will spark an idea.

First of all, coming up with a headline for an unknown topic is tougher than coming up with an idea. If you’ve got a blogging project ahead of you and are stuck with ideas, start here. Then take those ideas and work through a few headlines. Thanks goes to Joanna Brown of The WordHen who found and shared this link on the Kris the Scribbler facebook page: 7 Ways to Write Headlines that Get Clicks.

In the article, the author, Whitney Cole, identifies 7 types of headlines:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Be honest
  3. Use shock and awe
  4. Show them how to do something
  5. Solve a problem
  6. Include the reader in a group
  7. Promise big benefits

She even provides excellent examples for each. What’s missing, however, is how to take one idea and spin it to fit all 7 headline categories. So I’m taking the topic of blogging for business and providing a headline for each headline type.

  1. Ask a question:

Will Blogging for Your Business Really Help?

  1. Be honest:

Lessons Learned from Not Blogging for My Business

  1. Use shock and awe:

How I went from Guest Blogger to Paid Blogger in Less Than 3 Months

  1. Show them how to do something:

How to Build a Relationship through your Blog

  1. Solve a problem:

Not sure what to do with the Blog You Just Wrote? Follow these Simple Steps.

  1. Include the reader in a group:

Blogging Tips for Boomers & the X-Gen

  1. Promise big benefits:

4 Blogging Habits that will Get You Noticed—FAST!

Notice how each headline type provides a different viewpoint for the same topic. Not only that, each one educates and helps your potential or existing client. Your product or service has several similar topics and headline ideas, as well, and with a little exploration into what you know and what your clients need to know, you’ll have many ideas and headlines fast!

Then, spread them out and intersperse with other blog ideas and you’ve filled your business blogging calendar for several weeks or months, depending on your blogging plan. An extra bonus: you can create a knock-out e-book, presentation or webinar from your topics.

And all this starts with a headline! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Got a headline question or comment? Share it below!

Happy writing!
Kris the Scribbler

photo credit goes to David Castillo Dominici at freedigitalphotos.net