I’ll Take Action over Luck, Hope, and Best Wishes

taking action is stronger than luckFor those who don’t understand entrepreneurship and the action needed to become a success, hearing that someone they love is ‘going it alone’ is often met with a mix of wide-eyed disbelief and concerns over our mental stability.

My parents were ‘old school’ and believed success was solely built on advanced education and 30+ years of dedication to a Fortune 500 company. It was difficult for them to comprehend my challenges as I spent 10 years post-graduate seeking a job. Their support came in the form of, “Perhaps you aren’t looking in the right places.”

Five years into a job hunt that waxed and waned between anticipation and frustration, I decided to build my own business. When I mentioned this plan to my parents, I was met with a blank look followed by, “If you are having a midlife crisis, we can pay for your therapy.”

My husband was noncommittal, but preferred my happiness over the job hunt shroud I had been wearing for several years.

As word of my entrepreneurial endeavor spread, even my peers shared the blank look and followed up with well-meaning support:

Good luck!

I hope it works for you.

Best wishes.

While meant to be positive and optimistic, these phrases lack excitement.

They lack faith.

They are empty and sedentary.

Even though these phrases have their place,

  • Luck is synonymous with buying a lottery ticket,
  • Hope is synonymous with “if you build it they will come”,
  • Wishing is as fleeting as putting your energy into a shooting star,

their place isn’t in entrepreneurship.

Everything worthwhile Requires Action

The job hunt produced one result: I reached my limit for dead ends. The solution: build the job I want. It didn’t take long to outline what that would be and I immediately sought out the opinion of those closest to me–friends and family (F&F). They’re loving and familiar, and at this vulverable stage, I needed that comfort. Unfortunatley, F&F are not the best resource for guidance. Although they wish me well, they don’t want to worry and unintentionally may nudge me toward dead ends. To avoid that rut, I needed to shatter the comfort zone by stepping WAY outside my inner circle and abandoning the job boards to pursue a more reliable platform: ME.

Build YOUR BrandAbandon the job boards. Take action instead!

Seek out like-minded people—other entrepreneurs, business owners, business development communities, entrepreneurial programs, meetup groups, and forums are top resources to utilize. You’ll find people at every level of growth and highly open to learning from one another.

A matter of MINDSET: ATTEND WITH A GROWTH MINDSET rather than a money-making mindset. The audience in the above settings is too varied to be considered your ideal market so save yourself from this money-making dead end. This is where you’ll find meaningful connections and insight to grow your business.

Engage in consistent, high-energy TIME and PATIENCE. If you expect to make money immediately, then go back to the job boards. I learned the hard way: there ain’t no such thing as an overnight success!

Make yourself visible online and in person. In addition to seeking your audience, this includes presenting programs, sharing ideas, joining a panel discussion, providing answers in online forums and other visibility-building, comfort zone-shattering activities. HINT: You won’t be noticed if you lurk!

Ask for help when you encounter unknowns. It’s a long, slow road when you fail to ask for help. Keep yourself moving forward!

YOUR brand = Amazing Results

It’s extremely difficult abandoning what we know. Many of us have 50 years or more of ‘old school’ beliefs warring with the build your brand mentality. It is not something that can be kicked cold-turkey and often requires intense tough love. As I followed the steps outlined here, I occasionally stumbled backward into job hunt purgatory. While there, I tripped over luck, hope, and wishes, and once again realized my best resource was myself.

Lessons Learned

  • Personal branding increased my visibility faster and more efficiently than 10 years of job boards, job fairs, recruiters, and head hunters.
  • With action, the law of attraction kicks in and opportunities are easier to spot. They even seek you out.
  • Productivity increases. Happiness grows and flows.
  • Refocusing my purpose led to greater fulfillment on a personal, professional, and an emotional level.
  • I learned to say no to the opportunities that threatened or didn’t align with my vision, thus saving me time, money, and energy.
  • Persistence is an asset. So is determination.

Action is Energy; Energy is Action

The next time someone mentions hope, luck, or a wish, invite them to take action by sharing your website, a link to a presentation, or something else that will build your brand.

Then share the magic AS IT OCCURS!