Play Time for Entrepreneurs: Taking Time Off for Self, Sanity, & Success


Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it -Eileen Caddy

Even though most of us who used to work for someone else gave up a regular paycheck of that other job, we are happier building and developing our own business.

Even if that means we work 50, 60, or 70 hours per week to make our vision a reality.

However, in our pursuit of that vision, we tend to forgo play time. In order to prevent burn out and to recharge our entrepreneurial batteries, we must take time off for ourselves.

Here are 2 examples of my own:

  1. While presenting a Blog Development Workshop at Venture Café, I became friends with Mary Scott, founder of Make Believe TV, the video production company hired to record the sessions. Mary eventually suggested we get together for a girls’ night out. A year later, we still hadn’t fulfilled that promise. It wasn’t until Nancy Zurbuchen of Motional Multimedia suggested girls’ night out (actually it was a Saturday afternoon) at Pinot’s Palette in Chesterfield, MO. Without hesitation (it was time!), that became our first girl’s night out. It was fun. It was new. And we participated in a business that got its entrepreneurial start in 2009.

Benefits: new friendships, new connections, and play time.

Added bonus: inspiration for this blog.resized

  1. Stan Jechura, owner of All Safe Inspections in Toledo, Ohio has been a long-time family friend since the 80s and my business accountability partner since 2011. We check in regularly for inspiration, ideas, and the occasional venting about business ownership. The 3rd quarter had been full of obstacles for both of us and we decided a getaway was needed. As a last minute idea, we decided to visit Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio to attend their Haunted Campground events. It was a risk: the campground was booked solid and the remaining non-reserveable sites were filling fast. We wanted to arrive early but I was obligated to be the designated driver for my mother’s colonoscopy and the soonest we could arrive was Thursday afternoon on October 27th. We accepted the challenge, took care of mom, and arrived in time to claim a last-minute cancellation, with other campers breathing down our necks.

Benefits: we had 3 ½ days of spooky camping fun! We decorated our trailer with random items we grabbed from our homes and tossed together a few odds & ends for costumes. The weather was ideal, the fall colors were plentiful.

Added bonus: I won the scariest costume contest!

Discoveries: we work hard for what we love and built from nothing. We often forget to take time to enjoy our progress and celebrate our successes, whatever they may be.

It’s revitalizing to take time off.
It’s healthy to goof off—regardless of age!
There is no need to be serious all the time.
Most of all: remember to have fun!
What have you done lately to play?

Kristen Edens
Kris the Scribbler
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