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All N 1 Landscape NewsletterI met Dmitry Denisenko, co-owner of All-N-1 Landscape Services, at an industry conference after a presentation I made about Creating Content for Your Small Business. He and Troy Karlin wanted to include newsletters and blogs as part of their marketing plan but didn’t have the time or know-how to create either. I worked with them to develop a quarterly newsletter plan with monthly blogs, which I also wrote for them.

— Kris

And here is the original text from the newsletter:


2012 has been an interesting year for everyone. Not only have we had one of the hottest, driest summers on record, we’re seeing growing interest in sustainable landscaping. Requests for services in the areas of edible landscaping, permaculture and rain gardens have doubled annually for ALL-N-1 LANDSCAPE, becoming the second popular service requested by our clients. While economic forecasters are expressing an upward trend in growth and recovery, consumers are discovering the strength, satisfaction and security in self-sustainability.

What this means:

  • No matter where you live, there is always something you can do
  • People are staying put and making the best use of the land they have
  • Landscaping increases personal satisfaction

At ALL-N-1 Landscape, we take your projects seriously! We share the same sense of pride and accomplishment when working on your landscaping needs. If you’re looking to start a project soon or wishing to expand on an existing project, now is the perfect time to give us a call. Read on to see how ALL-N-1 Landscape can make your landscaping and sustainability visions a reality!




Are you thinking of incorporating hardscape or landscape features into your yard? Even though everyone’s preparing for the winter months, talk to us about your landscape goals for 2013. What ideas or visions do you have? We’ll help with planning, scheduling, budgeting and preparing your project. Take this time to discuss ideas and options with us and come spring time, we’ll be ready to start and beat the spring rush. For more information on Design and Installation services and a tip sheet on How to Avoid Costly Mistakes, visit our website at and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here’s a quick and easy project that will get you started right now. Collect the leaves and grass from your yard—and your neighbors! Leaves = carbon. Grass = nitrogen. Carbon + Nitrogen = a high quality humus-rich compost blend that’s the ideal building block for your garden and landscape. No need to burn the leaves or drop them at the curb for the trash services to haul. Plus, with the 2013 changes expected with waste management services, here’s the solution to save you money and eliminate landfill burdens. Create a simple bin from old pallets and a few t-posts. If you need more information, give us a call and we’ll give you simple steps to put it all together.

With colder weather creeping in on us, now is the ideal time to have our team winterize your home sprinkler system. Make sure you sprinkler system is free of water and that drains, valves and faucets are ready for the winter. The deep freeze is coming soon and no one wants cracked pipes during the winter months. We’ll be in and out in no time and will even provide you with a “28 POINT SPRINKLER CHECK & FIX” report that details our work and the health of your sprinkler system.

While we’re there, let’s talk holiday lighting. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and by then our chilly winter air has settled in on us. Instead of wrestling with those annoying strings of lights, let us tackle the task for you. We’ll work with you on your design ideas, installation and removal, storage and even reinstallation next year. Enjoy the food, the games, the parades with your friends and family and start the holidays with a decked out house with the help of ALL-N-1 Landscape Landscape services.

Let’s Meet Troy:

Troy Karlin, owner of ALL-N-1 Landscape Landscape, started mowing lawns in 1995 while attending Lawrence High School in Kansas. He continued mowing lawns to pay for his education at the University of Kansas, where he studied business and advertising. By his 3rd year at KU, he had about 50 lawn-mowing clients. His landscaping focus is permaculture, self-sustainability, edible landscaping and regenerative agriculture. He thrives on ecological and environmental issues and working with clients to educate them on these aspects of sustainability. He’s enthusiastic about making your landscaping dreams and visions become a reality.


Thanks for reading the autumn issue of the ALL-N-1 Landscape Landscape newsletter. The next issue will be out in January and we’ll discuss winter landscape ideas, care and preparing for the spring season. Our blog will go into detail on these topics and our facebook page will always keep you informed on events nationally, regionally and in our own back yard. What questions do you have about your landscape? Would you like to know more about edible landscapes? Adding hardscapes to your property? Visit us at http://www.ALL-N-1  or our facebook page at We’re always ready and happy to help!

Wishing you growth and abundance,

Troy Karlin and the team at ALL-N-1 Landscape Landscape