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Beating the Rush for your 2013 Landscape Projects

For most of us, November is a time to slow down, focus on the holidays and enjoy friends and family. The year has rushed pass and continues to race toward the New Year. With all this hurry, we barely have time to sit back, relax and take a moment to really see our home and property. So put on a jacket and let’s take a walk around your property. With the leaves gone, the flowerbeds cleared and our gardens tucked away for winter, now is the ideal time to tour the grounds.

What landscaping issues have popped up this year? We had a hot, dry summer, but did you experience draining problems when we did have rain, such as the Leighnor project highlighted on page xx of this newsletter? Would a shade tree have been a welcome sight during the heat of the day? Have you decided that 2013 will be the year for a pool—or a Jacuzzi? Maybe a raised garden bed has been on your TO-DO list.

Whatever ideas or situations your home and property offer, use the slower months of winter to put your plan into action. Mark Stone and Charlotte Cox are landscape architects for ALL-N-1 Landscape Services. “Planning takes the most time,” says Mark Stone. “The more complex the project, the more prep time is needed for designing, construction and planting.” Whether a patio or a planter, a landscape architect has a multi-step process to ensure total success for every project. Below they share their process for planning your landscape goals.

The Initial Evaluation

  • Meet with the client
  • Listen to ideas, goals, interests
  • Address problems, repairs, requirements
  • Explore and gather information on property
  • Discuss function of project

Create a Base Map

  • Review home plans and survey
  • Conduct a site measurement
    • Including meters, existing structures and plants
    • Utility lines
  • Sidewalks
  • Other

Create a Design

  • Review with client to ensure needs are met
  • Discuss ideas, options, and budget
  • Adjust based on comments and results

Create a Project Bid

  • What can be done internally?
  • What must be subcontracted?


  • Review and capture loose ends
  • Organize with team and contractors
  • Planning based on weather, availability of services & supplies, nursery stock and other incidentals

Because our weather can go from one extreme to another, these winter months allow plenty of time to address and review the process before the ground is workable. Plus, these pre-planning steps ensures everyone’s ready to go as soon as the weather allows. This in turn means you’ll be able to enjoy your pool, patio, water feature or raised garden much sooner in the season than if you started the process on Groundhog Day!

For more information or to discuss your ideas with a landscape contractor, call ALL-N-1 Landscape.