Media & Testimonials

We all start with a blank page and have the power to build whatever we envision. Here’s a list of the events, radio shows, and podcasts where I have been featured or interviewed.

Podcasts & Radio Shows

Jody Shilan’s Landscape Live! Radio show
Kevin Harvell’s STL Tech Talk Podcast
John & Kane Show on Indio Radio + appearance on John & Kane Field Piece

Speaking Engagements

Garden Writers Association, Tucson Arizona, 2012; Creating Successful Content for Your Business; Taking (the Pain) and Mystery Out of Writing.

Venture Café Whiteboard series:
Deciphering Your Audience
Stuck on Blogging Ideas? Generating Topics from Everyday Events

Product Camp 2015: in an ‘unconference’ format, co-presented with Joyce Mellow on Building a Brand; Taglines, Touch points and Logos. Our topic was one of 18 chosen from a bank of 50.

Red Canoe Media seminar: Content Marketing From Start to End; co-presented with Will Hanke

Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG): Your LinkedIn Profile as the First Touch Point


Idea Bound 50+ Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship, October 15, 2015


Sarah MoteIt’s difficult enough in this content-marketing world to find folks who can just write. But to get the job really done, to really drive folks to your website, you need someone who can embody your brand, tell a story, communicate insights and do all of that while building awareness of your brand. That person is Kris. She’s not only competent, which is hard enough to come by, she’s also weaves compelling, brand-focused stories.Sarah Mote, Marketing Director, UMKC Innovation Center

V IpriKristen has proven herself repeatedly as a masterful editor and a nimble writer, able to extract the value and intent of words, then simplify those words to add real purpose to any document. Rarely have I encountered a more valuable writer – and a more genuine person – in my many years of business. I highly recommend Kristen with the utmost confidence.V. Ipri, Manager, The Confident Copywriter (LinkedIn group)

Midge FlinnA potential client contacted me and another quilter with a project. After reviewing my site she told me my website was extremely helpful and that she was so impressed with my site and content that she chose me on the spot. Without Kristen’s help developing the content, I may not have won this wonderful lady as a client. Thank you, Kristen, for your help and guidance. Midge Flinn, Owner, Midge’s Stitches

Angela SkurtuKristen has helped me a great deal. A year ago, I was asked by an editor to write a book. I never thought I could do such a big task. After meeting with Kristen, she helped me break down the project and believe in myself and my ability to do this. Thanks to her, I now have a book coming out in March. I truly see her as a mentor in the field of writing. Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you provided me!Angela Skurtu, M. Edl, LMFT; Speaker, Author, Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist
Stan PerkinsKris impacts my business success by providing meaningful business writing services that improve my in-bound marketing results. Not only does she provide clarity for the readers of my newsletters, blogs and related materials but knows how to increase interest in my business coaching services through her writing techniques. Kris is a “must have” person if you truly want to optimize your business communications.Stan Perkins, Business & Sales Coaching, The Growth Coach, St. Louis

Jason StroedeKris was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was able to take my random thoughts and turn them into something wonderful. Thoughtful, thorough and so much fun to work with!Jason Stroede, Founder / Investment Advisor Representative, Clarus Wealth Management