Entrepreneurs NEVER Get Sick!

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both andmarin of fdp.net
overlook neither.”
–Alan Cohen, author

It started with a mild sore throat Saturday morning. I didn’t think too much on it: dry air, a little dehydration, nerves before my presentation…I began the day ready for ProductCamp St. Louis and interviewing the event organizers for an EQ STL article. With a little extra orange juice, and a few lozenges, I was on my way.

Networking requires a lot of talking, smiling…and breathing. As the day wore on, my throat became more irritated. I limited contact with participants and drank plenty of fluids. I was not going to get sick!

The interviews and the presentation were a success. I arrived home satisfied with the day’s events but feeling a bit dragged down. I repeated this mantra several times as I prepped a warm bath:

Business owners don’t get sick!

I repeated the chants throughout the night while drinking fluids and pampering myself to fight off any germ that dared to come my way. I’m meaner. I’m tougher. I’m a business owner! Business owners DON’T get sick!

Sunday morning dawned in a haze of rhinovirus misery. I repeated the chant, convincing myself this was a 24-hour cold.

Nope. Monday dawned with the mass above my neck feeling like an anvil and on the verge of exploding. But, alas, the world beckoned me. My email, cell phone, and calendar taunted me through a cloud of congestion:

You are a business owner!
Conquer the world!
Make your millions!
Live the life you dream of!

Bit by bit, however, I succumbed to the germ…something I DO NOT do easily! Aren’t all entrepreneurs this way? I knew, however, that fighting it would prolong recovery. Although common sense, the quickest way to heal and a speedier return to what we’d rather be doing requires a few simple activities:

  • Cancel your appointments; clients and contacts appreciate the notice AND being spared the germ! Everyone is understanding.
  • Reschedule appointments or make a promise to reschedule at your earliest convenience—create a reminder so it doesn’t fall through the cracks!
  • Delegate tasks—hand off the stuff that doesn’t need your direct attention. A virtual assistant, co-founder, or research partner, can tackle these tasks.
  • Complete the bare minimum tasks, which may be cancelling appointments. Then again, if you have a VA, pass the task off.
  • Pamper yourself!! Easier said than done when the world is knocking, but you really must come first.

These are simple tasks, but business owners are tough nuts to convince some days. Take the time to pamper yourself through sickness and in health and you and your business will be stronger every day. As William Wadsworth says, “Rest and be thankful.”

Kristen Edens
Kris the Scribbler
A grandparent in business

(photo image courtesy of ‘marin’ of freedigitialphotos.net)

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