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Owner Jessica Robinson contacted me following a networking meeting to create a rack card for her product. They had info and images but didn’t know what content would be best for a document that needed to be visual as well as informative. Following a brief phone call, I created the copy that clarified the project and their purpose.
— Kris

Transcript of text from brochure:

Bring more ‘green’ to your home

Robinson’s Rain Barrels

How will a Robinson Rain Barrel help me?


  • Demand for water is high; the average person uses over 69 gallons/day (AWWA)
  • Supply of treated water is low; nationally and worldwide. Water shortages in the US is an ongoing concern
  • Utility costs continue to rise


  • 1” of rain on 1000 sq. ft. roof captures approximately 500 gallons of water, filling 10 barrels
  • Diverts water away from structural foundations; diminishes erosion
  • Water source for household use including gardens, washing vehicles, tools and more
  • Water source for emergency use: washing, flushing toilets, cooking, etc.

Visit a Robinson Rain Barrel System at The Green House Market in Old Towne Fenton
313 Gravois Road
Fenton, MO 63026

Robinson’s Rain Barrels
PO Box 422
Fenton, MO 63026
(314) 226-0092

Products, Services & Pricing

Unpainted Blue Rain Barrel

Painted Rain Barrel

Bamboo Wrapped Rain Barrel

Custom Aluminum or Copper Wrapped Rain Barrel

Free Delivery within the St. Louis metropolitan area
We offer installation on any rain barrel; yours, ours or theirs!

Commitment to the community

Locally owned and operated
We ‘up’-cycle 55 gallon food-grade containers, thereby reducing landfill waste
We donate rain barrels to good causes
Proud supporters of: WeLuvPaws Shar-Pei Rescue and The Green Centre
Robinson’s Rain Barrels
PO Box 422
Fenton, MO 63026
(314) 226-0092