Brochure – Hermes Beyond the Parade

Hermes-Beyond-the-Parade-brochureI was contacted by the marketing team for Hermes Beyond the Parade, a support force for New Orleans First Responders,  to create a one-page flyer for their non-profit group. With many people influencing the direction of the one-page flyer, the team was having trouble limiting the content and completing the project in a timely manner. They reached out to me Wednesday evening and I had a completed draft by Friday. The document went to print on Monday.

— Kris



Transcript of text from the brochure:

Hermes BTP: Safety. Society. Support.

A Support Force for NOLA’s First Responders

New Orleans is a vibrant city, rich in history and made popular by the Mardi Gras celebrations. Much of the city’s success and safety is attributed to the steadfast service provided by NOLA’s “first responders”. To ensure the continued success of Mardi Gras and the safety of our community—beyond the parade—our first responders need ongoing support from the community.

Hermes BTP (Beyond the Parade) was established for the sole purpose of supporting public safety and welfare. Our goal is to ensure that the exceptional service provided by police, fire, EMS and other first responders continues for many generations to come.

Who we are: We’re a dedicated group of over 700 civic leaders that range in professions from law and medicine to commerce and trade, who live, work and play in the NOLA community. Our goal is to give back to our community by helping and supporting our “first responders” who look out for our safety every day.

How we help: NOLA Safe 365 (I like Support Force: NOLA–or something like that)

Hermes BTP, an extension of the Hermes Organization, seeks to support New Orleans’ first responders on a year-round basis. Our goal is to provide funding, assistance and other activities to aid law enforcement, fire and EMS teams to continue to keep our community safe. Support activities include:

  • Fundraising
  • Community events
  • Educational opportunities
  • Grants

The generous gifts will help police, fire and EMS to allocate additional time, money and resources to deliver more comprehensive and reliable safety and welfare services for the community that previously were not possible due to lack of funding.

How You Can Help: Hermes BTP is seeking sponsors to help grow and create a sustainable channel to fund this amazing cause.

To learn more or become a sponsor of NOLA Safe 365/Support Force: NOLA, contact:

T. Hannan, Hermes BTP Board Member 504.214.3118

Yvette Monju, Assistant to the Captain 504.524.0880

©2015 Hermes BTP Foundation, Inc. Hermes BTP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) New Orleans-based organization that was founded in 2014. Their sole purpose is to assist first responder charities and promoting peace, unity and partnership within the community. This group is affiliated with and acts as the charitable arm of the Hermes Organization, a New Orleans Mardi Gras organization.