Brochure-DAPME Networking App

DAPME Networking App Brochure
Dwayne Perry reached out to me after a presentation on Blogging and Content Creation at Venture Cafe, a networking event for entrepreneurs. He needed a brochure which explained his app idea in a descriptive and engaging way to present to investors, but lacked the ability to put his ideas and points to words. The final brochure supported his presentations and attracted interest from a local investor a few months later.

— Kris

Transcript of text from brochure:


DAPME is a networking app that enables users to enhance their networking experience by providing a fast and efficient introduction and exchange of information.

Get to know me in seconds, by creating specific profiles for potential employers, investors, friends, or by building standard and custom profiles ideal for any situation or setting.

Getting Started

The experience begins with creating a basic account. Once established, you will log on to enhance your DAPME profiles. Extras to add include:

  • Your image
  • A bio
  • Pertinent social media channels
  • Other information suited to your needs and available through select fields

When reaching out to contacts, assign a profile you wish to share with this connection. DAPME will include a link with each email or text message in your signature line.

Your contact will be reminded of you are and will receive a controlled introduction within seconds of a quick click.

Build Your Contact List

Several options are available for adding a contact:

  • Scan a business card and the information is transferred to editable fields
  • Scan the DAPME QR code, if the new contact is also a DAPME user
  • Each DAPME app user is allowed to store their information within the app, which automatically generates a QR code
    • Manually input information by just using a name, telephone number and email address
  • Or add as many fields as desired from the DAPME list available

Assign a profile to this new contact and select save. A text message is sent to this contact stating your name, time and place where you met. The app can use a standard intro setup for the profile or customize it within the profile edit. Users also have the option to add to this text before saving the contact. Once the contact is saved, users have the option to search for the contact on Facebook or LinkedIn.

“Looking for Me” feature within the DAPME app allows users to find a specific person in the same geographic location that have a profession, service, or social status of interest.


Our license to use version extends the usability of the consumer version to benefit meetups, organizations, foundations and more. Use DAPME EVENTS to reach out to members, attendees, sponsors or more with the features available to your group.

Getting Started

  • Users of this version can create a website account and customize the app to their needs. A logo, color scheme, registration or questionnaires can be uploaded to the app.
  • Members or attendees using the app can input necessary information to generate their custom QR code.
  • The QR code can be used to print badges or exchange information with other members or sponsors.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to introduce the networking app, DAPME and DAPME EVENTS. For more information, contact me at: