About Kris

Kris the ScribblerInspiration.
It’s what moves us into action.

It’s what keeps us going.

January 2008: I quit my hospital job to begin my writing business, Kris the Scribbler. Through the normal ups and downs entrepreneurs encounter, but with my own twist, my business has evolved into what it is today: a content creation and blogging service for business owners over 50.

November 2013: the Grandparents in Business blog developed when my daughter and granddaughter moved back home, but it’s more than a blog about being a grandparent in business. If you are:

  • 50+ and own a business,
  • caring for elderly parents,
  • dealing with adult children moving back home,
  • or any combination of the above,

then this is the place for you to laugh, cry, or vent, but most of all it’s a place to grow. If you need content & blogging help from someone who understands your business, your lifestyle and your writing needs, then let’s get to work.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Kristen Edens

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A few words from happy clients:

Kristen is not only capable and professional, she listens… and gets it. Importantly, she understands the audience and the context and writes in a way that helps THEM get it. And that is why I hire her.

Steve Smart, 2Q Solutions

Kristen took the time to listen to my needs and desires for my website content. She truly worked to match her words to my vision. I appreciate Kristen’s patience, flexibility and ability to be succinct. No fluff, no fillers and no flowering hyperbole.

Thad James, SAMMY J Balloon Creations

Her expert guidance is underpinned by a broad and deep understanding of ideas relevant to the copywriting industry, and her approach consistently focuses on “people first” – especially meaningful for small business owners who recognize that growth in today’s markets requires consistent delivery of quality content that speaks to real needs.

Victoria Ipri, The Ipri Institute

Kris is unique: she cares about the project and the project’s creator! She listens and feels comfortable suggesting intelligent options that personally fit your work. She has a real knack for cutting right to a clear, simple solution that suits your dilemma. She is reliable and on your side.

Margaret P., Utah writer

Kris is incredibly knowledgeable and always offers great suggestions and guidance to her clients. Not only is she an excellent writer, but she also delivers presentations filled with interesting and valuable information.

Samantha C. Naes – Executive Producer at CN Video Production